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Parenting Coordination Listserv - It's Free!

Parenting Coordination Central is pleased to announce the
creation of a  professional listserv for parenting coordinators! 

Goal:  To encourage parenting coordinators to ask questions, share information and receive support for the difficult work they provide to high conflict families.

Free Membership: To join contact and include in your subject.  As long as you are a professional working as a parenting coordinator you will be welcome to join the listserv.  Visit the home page below to edit your membership and to review guidelines included as listserv etiquette. (Be sure to indicate you want to receive the "digest" form so you will receive only one email per day that summarizes all responses.)

ListServ Topics:  Members are welcome to discuss any aspect of their work as a parenting coordinator.  Although the listserv is not intended to supervise cases, help may be available from different members by way of responses.  In addition to discussing difficult cases or asking specific questions from members, other topics of interest may include, but not be limited to:

  • Parental alienation and visitation refusal
  • Referrals to outside services
  • Send memos to attorneys to inform of non-compliance
  • Dealing with difficult attorneys/therapists/GALs
  • Dealing with difficult and/or angry parents
  • Involving step parents in the joint meetings
  • Consultation with the GAL and custody evaluator
  • Marketing
  • Non-support by the court
  • Court preparation
  • Language in the appointment document
  • Protocol for seeing parents with a protective order
  • Parenting plan questions
  • Case termination
  • Training opportunities
  • Reading material on high conflict divorce, difficult cases, coparenting and parenting coordination
  • New state statues
  • Protecting yourself from a legal or licensing complaint
  • Book recommendations for professionals and/or co-parents
  • and more....
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